uvex pheos B-S-WR safety helmet uvex pheos B-S-WR safety helmet

uvex pheos B-S-WR safety helmet

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  • comfortable, secure fit with continuous width adjustment
  • short brim for a wider field of upward vision
  • resistant to hot molten metal splash (EN 397 additional requirement "MM")
  • side Euroslot adapters for earmuffs

uvex pheos B-S-WR safety helmet – comfortable head protection with unrestricted upward vision

The lightweight uvex pheos safety helmets feature a sporty design and offer maximum wearer comfort – for example thanks to the climazone ventilation and the extremely flexible 3D suspension harness. The sturdy, rigid helmet shell also easily withstands pressure from the side, and fulfills all safety-related requirements for construction or industrial work. Its functional accessory system makes the uvex pheos industrial safety helmet especially versatile. Whether visor, safety spectacles, ear defenders or head torch: The work helmets can quickly and easily be adapted to the user's individual needs. The suspension harness with wheel ratchet allows continuous width adjustment, for a perfect fit at all times. The shortened brim ensures unrestricted upward vision.

General features

  • safety helmet with slot on the front for helmet lights
  • side Euroslot adapters (30 mm) for attaching earmuffs and the uvex pheos visor system
  • with short brim
  • available in: white, yellow, red, blue, dark grey, black

Protection features

  • meets standard EN 397 and additional requirements for very low temperatures (-30 °C) and molten metal (MM) splash

Comfort features

  • three variable air vents for maximum ventilation
  • suspension harness with wheel ratchet for variable width adjustment
  • shorter brim for a wider field of upward vision
  • six-point textile band attachment ensures optimal fit and comfort

available variants:

  • 9772031: white
  • 9772131: yellow
  • 9772332: red
  • 9772531: blue
  • 9772832: dark grey
  • 9772932: black


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Product data sheet

Specifications uvex pheos B-S-WR safety helmet

Attribute Value
Ürün tipi Koruyucu baret
Ürün ailesi uvex pheos
Versiyon Kısa kalkanlı
Standartlar EN 397
Ek gereklilik (EN 397) -30°C, MM (eriyik metal)
Renk sarı
Beden 52 ila 61 cm
Segment Yol inşaatı, Atık su tesisatı ve boru tesisatı inşaatı, Beton ve alçıpan işleri, Duvarcılık, taş işleme, alçıpan işleri, Sökme ve demontaj işleri, Köprü ve tünel inşaatı, yüksek yol inşaatı, Demirhane
Paylaş Yazdır